Portable Solar Generator

Inergy GeneratorWhen disasters strike, most people would turn to electric power. Hence, power outages can lead to panic when business premises and homes suddenly become dark, communication lines go off and emergency vehicles run out of fuel. Gasoline or diesel powered generators are the popular means employed for provision of emergency power, particularly during crisis situations. However, when such generators are used improperly, they can cause additional disasters like fuel explosions and fires. A portable solar generator serves as a perfect backup system to provide continuous electric energy for every day use as well as during crises and disasters. Other merits and essential aspects regarding solar generators will be highlighted below.

Pumping gas during outages
It is impossible for gas stations to pump gas when there is no electricity. This implies that all that a vehicle owner is left with the the gas on hand. Gas generators can be a total nightmare without electricity, hence, the necessity to have a backup plan. Solar generators are amazing systems that generate power that can not only be used to pump gas, but also supply power in homes. Fortunately, installing such a generator is fast and affordable.

Provision of optimal power in less time
Setting up a solar generator or owning a portable one is just a matter of minutes. Once the set up process has been done, plugging in the appliances that need charging is all that one has to do. Both the appliances utilizing direct and alternating current can perfectly function using solar power.

Lights Go out

Alternative to gas generators
Some of the demerits associated with gas generators include extreme noise, fumes, and high cost of maintenance. On the contrary, portable solar generators do not produce fumes and noise. Additionally, the cost of maintaining them is low and no fuel is needed to run them. All that is required is setting the generators in the site that needs power. A basic generator comprises of a maintenance-free battery and an outer cover that is indestructible. It is made of an extremely durable solid equipment.

Generation of permanent power
A portable solar generator is of immense help for everyday use, in power outages and natural disasters since it provides permanent power. At peak power, the unit has the capacity of generating 1800 watts electricity. This amount of electricity is sufficient to run several home appliances. Power is stored and then made available when needed. The sun constantly recharged the generator, which allows the user to use and charge the system at a given time. To minimize the costs of electricity and help making unit payment, majority of the users opt to keep their appliances on charge.

In a nutshell, portable solar generators come in handy during natural disasters such as hurricanes. They can be used by residents for charging laptops, mobile phones as well as powering small refrigerators and lights. People should not wait for a disaster to strike in order to appreciate the value of having a decentralized source of energy such as a solar generator. In cases of electrical grid failure, solar energy should serve as a backup.